Marcy Capron of Polymathic and Junto

Marcy Capron (@marcymarcy) appeared on Startup Radio with Co-Host Charles Mudd to discuss her media production studio Polymathic and its internal startup Junto.

Marcy is well-known in the Chicago startup community.  She is the founder & CEO of Polymathic and Junto.

Polymathic is a media production studio that specializes “in providing the whole spectrum – design, development, photography and video – in house.” Essentially, it represents a single source destination.  With a group of talented people from various artistic and academic backgrounds, Polymathic creates work that stands out.  Its team of designers and developers have spent the last two years building web startups.  In doing so, it builds all sites and apps using open-source platforms.  If you have not yet visited Polymathic online and perused its portfolio, do so now or most definitely before your next project.

In 2011, Polymathic began Junto to help build startups for nontechnical founders.  It “turns great ideas from passionate founders into successful startups [in] a structured process [using] Lean Startup principles to build viable products faster and cheaper.”

Prior to making her name in startup culture, Marcy worked as a freelance photographer and director.

About Charles Mudd

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. is the principal of Mudd Law Offices, an internationally recognized diversified practice providing representation to a clientele comprised of local, national, and international individuals and business organizations. Charles represents startup companies in a variety of legal and commercial matters. He is also the founder and co-host of Startup Radio, an Internet blog radio program.