Ravi Singh & Todd O’Hara of Chicago Startup Toodalu

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. had the pleasure of speaking with Toodalu Co-Founders Ravi Singh (CTO) and Todd O’Hara (CEO) on Startup Radio.  Toodalu, named Built in Chicago‘s July Startup of the Month, enables consumers, merchants, and not-for-profit (“NFP”) organizations to mutually benefit from an automated process by which a percentages of purchases by consumers at select participating establishments will be directed to specified NFP charities.  While on Startup Radio, Ravi and Todd discussed Toodalu and the manner in which their company has shifted over time.  Specifically, they discussed building a startup in the digital space and gave context to “pivot” and the “iterative process.”

With respect to the Toodalu business model, they shared insights into approaching merchants for purposes of participating in the program.  Ravi and Tood discuss the future of Toodalu as well as the startup community.  They also share thoughts about Chicago startup culture, 1871, NDAs, small business, team building, and more.

Startup Radio congratulates Toodalu on being named Built in Chicago‘s Startup of the Month for July 2012 and earning a Moxie Award for Best Financial Startup!

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Charles Lee Mudd Jr. is the principal of Mudd Law Offices, an internationally recognized diversified practice providing representation to a clientele comprised of local, national, and international individuals and business organizations. Charles represents startup companies in a variety of legal and commercial matters. He is also the founder and co-host of Startup Radio, an Internet blog radio program.